Too Many Bones

by Forester

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released December 11, 2012

Cameron Puckett - Vocals
Zach Puckett - Drums
David Hamilton - Bass
Kevin Reed - Guitar

Guitar solo on 'Too Many Bones' by Zach Porter

All tracks written and produced by Forester
Drums were recorded in Franklin, TN; everything else was recorded in Jackson, TN
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Reed
Album art by Kate Allen



all rights reserved


Forester Jackson, Tennessee

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Track Name: Vernacular
Non-responsive incoherent garbled jargon cut fumbled fractured fragments intangible unkempt repetitious insignificant
A crooked mouth shouts a broken sound
All that is critical hidden behind loose syllables
An obstacle beyond your buckled knees
Why can’t we say what we need
No one speaks under my skin
My ears don’t read what’s comin’ to me
An encrypted description of my greatest fear yields self-enlightened prophecy garbled by twenty years
I write what I feel so let’s skip the middleman and let’s just feel it
Eyes widen to the thought that these words don’t mean a thing
Except a transcribed message a reluctant joy that keeps me alive
I can feel it
I’ve felt this before and I feel it again
No one speaks when they grieve
Silence breaks the need of our worn down philosophies
I’ve felt this before I feel it again
The walls inside my head
Forget everything I ever said
Track Name: Cultivate
My sons rose up from the river irrigating the groves
Their skin like the tough brown they pushed aside
Shaping trenches in serpentine patterns slithering through the line of trees
Directing their minds focusing the work of their hands to nourish the seeds splintering the rocky soil
Futility I know one day they’ll see behind my eyes entangled in my words but their not old enough
They’re not old enough to remember the wildfire that stole their mother
Her graceful waves consumed in the doorway
Maybe they’re not old enough to find the truth
There is nothing new
They felt the wind wisp through their grasping fingers
Instead of trying to grip it they sit and listen
Sweat in their eyes dust in their lungs they cough yet they earn their rest at dusk with the established work of their hands
The cycle plays under the sunlight the coals crackling the birds straining their calls the dark corners whistling
The fire dies
They eat and drink their work their grief their hunger relative
There is nothing new
Track Name: Cubicle
I made a hole and I crawled inside waited until the trees hung dry
Raked up the leaves for a place to hide
I called it home and that’s where I died
Fire spread through the branches but the colors became void and dull
Vibrant was no longer known
An annoyance like the crackling static of a shaking television screen
I digested myself
My eyes became my breakfast my thoughts were my dinner
The words that spilled from my mouth were pressed back inward
The birds they sang like vacuums as they sucked up the writhing snakes
Cut in half by blades of grass sharper than the piercing wind
My head is where I confide
My head caused the divide
My head is where I crawled inside
My head is where I finally died
Track Name: Release
I don’t know how to interpret these shapes in my eyes
You are the artist and I’m a piece of work aren’t I
I don’t know the future or the length of forever
I don’t know when it begins
I know the scheme of things isn’t a scheme at all
In fact we’re all in for a big surprise
When that curtain falls and our faces rise
Our twisted spines and wrenched expressions will know the path of a straight line
But can we tune out the static can we drown out our thoughts
Will we be ready to count it all as loss
I know I’m not ready now but who’s to say the future but the Future himself
I know Future
I know Forever
I know that I am not
Track Name: Hoover
Every car crash I ever had I bit my lip
Leaving the taste of blood in my mouth
I swore I would rid myself of it
I just needed to head south
I rolled the windows down to let the heat out
The air is different in the deeper south
I let the roads take me where they pleased
No places to go no people to see
Is this the end of the earth
I told you to trust in God like the hypocrite I am
Every seven minutes and fifty-three seconds there was a totaled automobile
Sunlight reflects off the traffic lines
A family pet lay still on the roadside
Every seven minutes and fifty-three seconds there was an automobile crash
All bodies must go
All souls must find a home
Take all of me
Track Name: Oh Baby
I was all alone so I called your phone but I just heard the dial tone
I wanna hear the noise of your sweet voice but I guess I don’t have a choice
Cause when you left so suddenly you didn’t leave room to breathe
Oh baby come back to your man
Remember the time we walked outside and you fell into that puddle
I was concerned inside but I couldn’t hide that I wanted to laugh a little
Remember the time we drove all night and you told me about your life
Well that’s over now could you tell me how you left me without a sound
Oh baby come back to your man
Remember the times of the kissy-kiss it was the one thing I held dear
I gotta find this love of mine I haven’t seen her in a year
I could get my gun and go on the run but not a lotta good that would do
So I sit right here collectin’ all my tears in a basket I weaved from your hair
Oh baby come back to your man
Cause when you left so suddenly you didn’t leave room to breathe
Oh baby come back to your man
What a mighty wind has blown my way
Hobble step off the plaque to sprain
Drip off your own sweat my little flower
You have been running for hours
But you forget in your fatigue what you want what you need
It’s me you left behind
You’ll see what you’ve got will soon be mine
If there was nothing of regret there would be no needle to thread
But the wound it will grow deep the farther you get from me
Just look how far you’ve wandered
Distance makes the heart grow harder
You’ll remember me
It’s me you left behind
You’ll see what you’ve got will soon be mine
Cause oh baby you may come back to your man but
I ain’t ever comin’ back girl
Cause I just can’t take it
Track Name: Too Many Bones
Skin sticks to my rickety ribs the decay has begun again atrophying my aching limbs so grab an axe my friend we’ll cut me down at the shins
And if the long fall doesn’t break my bones it might take some time to remove my spine
Afterwards we’ll move inside my frail and fragile frame it always stays the same
I’ve broken too many bones because I’ve replaced them with the paper Mache I have made that looked so pleasing but it has no meaning
I’m tired of standing up feeling the pull of gravity
I just need to give it up
Cut me down
My body lies on the ground
My blood is on display for all the vultures and the snakes to set up their cubicles inside my brain
I could be put back together but I dissected myself
I’m dissected
The lies sink in through the cracks in my bones
White blood cells leak out
I dissected myself through the cracks in my bones