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Non-responsive incoherent garbled jargon cut fumbled fractured fragments intangible unkempt repetitious insignificant
A crooked mouth shouts a broken sound
All that is critical hidden behind loose syllables
An obstacle beyond your buckled knees
Why can’t we say what we need
No one speaks under my skin
My ears don’t read what’s comin’ to me
An encrypted description of my greatest fear yields self-enlightened prophecy garbled by twenty years
I write what I feel so let’s skip the middleman and let’s just feel it
Eyes widen to the thought that these words don’t mean a thing
Except a transcribed message a reluctant joy that keeps me alive
I can feel it
I’ve felt this before and I feel it again
No one speaks when they grieve
Silence breaks the need of our worn down philosophies
I’ve felt this before I feel it again
The walls inside my head
Forget everything I ever said


from Too Many Bones, released December 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Forester Jackson, Tennessee

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