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I made a hole and I crawled inside waited until the trees hung dry
Raked up the leaves for a place to hide
I called it home and that’s where I died
Fire spread through the branches but the colors became void and dull
Vibrant was no longer known
An annoyance like the crackling static of a shaking television screen
I digested myself
My eyes became my breakfast my thoughts were my dinner
The words that spilled from my mouth were pressed back inward
The birds they sang like vacuums as they sucked up the writhing snakes
Cut in half by blades of grass sharper than the piercing wind
My head is where I confide
My head caused the divide
My head is where I crawled inside
My head is where I finally died


from Too Many Bones, released December 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Forester Jackson, Tennessee

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